Florida Water Pre Order

Florida Water Pre Order


Florida Waters have a long and storied history in America

Originally conceived as a competitor to contemporary global sales of the first Cologne. Florida Waters take their name from the latin for Boutiful Flowers -not the southern state- They are tied to the quest for eternal youth, Queen of Hungary Waters. Advertisements from the 1800s suggest that Florida Waters are a cure all.

Now a staple in your local bodega, the leading brand is used for spiritual cleansing as much as it is for a cologne - it’s also largely synthetic and can’t contain much actual plant material at that price point. The pre-sale price of $30 is good until the release (November 30) and must be completed online. Orders ship ground delivery the week of November 30.

OUR Florida Water is packed full of plant essences and is 100% synthetic free - with bergamot, sweet orange, secret spices and other historically healthful plants, we can’t promise a cure-all, but we do offer fresh air sweet dreams and good juju.


Alchemy Florida water is created as a classic cologne with the natural essences of fruits and flowers in a tincture of organic lavender blossoms. To be worn as a fragrance, for spiritual cleansing, linen mist and eau de toilette.

Alchemy Florida Water also is our essence distilled: nostalgic, thoughtful, quality and aesthetic.

Package design / letter press by Angela Ficorelli for Moving Beauty Studio

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