Kintusgi - Golden Repair Oil

Kintusgi - Golden Repair Oil


“Kinstugi” is a process of repair that illuminates the intrinsic value of the object.. where the cracks and flaws beautify the vessel.

Our Kintsugi Golden Repair oil is balm for the soul | baume pour l’ame

The Alchemy Golden Repair Oil is deeply restorative to the spirit, with precious saffron and the high-vibration rose otto (essential oil)

Developed as an anointing oil with the benefits of luxurious skin care because each of us is worthy of exquisite care.

Apply directly to the skin and inhale the aroma.


Saffron infused jojoba oil, moringa seed oil, sea buckthorn seed oil, Rose absolute (Morocco), Saffron absolute (India), Neroli essential oil (Tunisia), Rose Otto (Bulgaria)

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