Alchemy Minis - trial / travel / gift pouches

Alchemy Minis - trial / travel / gift pouches

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Mix and Match Minis:

Kintsugi Oil - Receive a tiny dropper version of our exquisite healing facial oil with saffron, rose and neroli (5mL)

Florida Water: Yes, we have a Travel/Pocket size. Please see the listing for Florida Water

Bath Salts Soaks - Receive two sample packets; one each of the flower and forest bath soak - pour a packet in and relax. Or use half a packet in a foot bath.

Rose Hydrosol Receive one purse / travel size, glass bottle, refillable with fine mist (7 mL)

Gift Pouch - I’m particularly happy with these because they are ethically sourced through my friend Ojas at Tribal Fare. Sewn in India by her local shop with ties from traditional Indian Ikat fabric.

Sandalwood Incense Stick - Raw sandalwood incense is used like the popular Palo Santo from Central America. Our incense is heart-wood from a US supplier that is ethically harvested. Sandalwood is our go-to because our skin cells literally begin to heal just by smelling the fragrance of the wood.

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