Skincare Rituals: Boost Blend & Hydrosols

Skincare Rituals: Boost Blend & Hydrosols

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The Boost Blend is based on an old recipe for Spring Cleaning the skin. The blend is selected for the ability to boost the detoxing mechanics of the liver: Because the skin works in tandem with other systems in the body to purge impurities. This has been a popular product at Alchemy - and we will continue to make on demand for ultimate freshness. The blend is in hazelnut oil as a carrier for easy absorption directly on the skin and can be added to lotions and cleansers.

Hydrosols are the truest expression of aromatherapy - because you can get water soluble plant essences directly to the skin in the form of a mist.

  • Coastal Sage has a medicinal fragrance. Cleansing, purifying

  • Lemon Verbena has an herbal, fresh clarifying and uplifting aroma.

Special pricing available through December 31 as we clear room for new projects and items at Alchemy.

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