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Advanced Fragrance Blending at POST

Hosted by POST- Detroit (registration required $75 for three hours)

all materials included

Join us for a three hour journey into the art and science of traditional French perfumery techniques with natural essences … an intuitive approach lead by Monique Herzig of Alchemy

Previous experience is not required, you only need enthusiasm, and the desire to savor process of fragrance design:

In this workshop we well gather at one table for three hours to make a deeper exploration into the nuances of creating perfumes with natural essences. Monique with facilitate a guided tour of fragrance construction and present an intuitive approach to design.

Each guest has the opportunity to create three modifications of their perfume, making for a richer experience and a better sense of how the art and science of perfumery with plants works.

Working from the same curated palette, attendees have access to a classic chypre (mossy), woods, and amber bases created by Alchemy - plus beautiful heart notes and head accords - not sure what those words mean? That's OK. We're going to review common terms, discuss methods of extraction, how to add layers of sophistication, how to evaluate, 'age' and filter perfumes.

Take home three fragrance 'experiments' - and atomizer bottle for your favorite - a funnel for transferring the perfume - plus a booklet for more experimenting at home.

scent construction - learning to make pretty smells - wellness - community - detroit.jpg

When we start to blend, you’ll have the opportunity to create multiple variations which allows the opportunity to make minute adjustments and experience the difference. Select your favorite for your atomizer bottle.

The vocabulary of scent

  • Base, middle, top notes

  • making harmonious blends

  • Natural materials: essential oils, absolutes, tinctures, isolates

  • resources for raw materials and packaging

  • resources for additional learning

  • all materials included: take home three ‘mods’, work-booklet, atomizer bottle + funnel

(Additional kits available for purchase $75)