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Intro to Fragrance Blending: Make & Take Workshop

Hosted by Mimi Larou Designs, Roseville , Registration required ($50)

(limited seating 12)

Borrowing the tools of aromatherapy and returning to the roots of natural perfumery - come explore natural perfume construction.

This is an interactive, intuitive approach to scent construction that allows the guests to invoke a mood or memory through scent.

When we talk about fragrance design we borrow the lyrical language of music... notes... accords. Fragrance, like music has the power to transport us to places real and imagined. Be ready to play with scent. Use pre-blended complex bits of fragrance, fresh single scents to create a blend for you or as a gift.


Alchemy presents a hands-on, intuitive approach to fragrance design. Similar to our exploratory experiences at POST, we will cover:

  • Brief history of perfumery

  • basics of fragrance construction: base, middle, and heart notes

  • How we smell, and how TO smell

  • natural materials: essential oils, tinctures, absolutes, CO2 extractions, isolates

  • resources for raw materials, packaging, further reading

Create your own natural perfume to take home.

A beautiful perfume is a scent story with a beginning, middle and end. The middle, or heart is often constructed from flowers. Natural perfume borrows the materials of aromatherapy and the techniques of classic French perfumery.