Slow Living


Setting out to live slower isn’t hard, it’s about attending most often to what you already have. Learning to be mindful and collect those experiences. It’s about being the protagonist of your own story. You may have heard of HYGGE and Wabi Sabi... Slow Living is related.
We have identified three concepts that help simplify the path to a slower lifestyle:
  • be present
  • nourish your body and mind
  • seek beauty

Be present in your tasks and relationships:

* you don't always have to multi-task: in fact, concentrating on one thing at a time is known to reduce stress and improve your sense of well-being. 

* cultivate rich relationships: person to person is ideal, and not just hanging out, practice your best listening skills and really be present

Care for your body (not just your mind):

* stay moving: just because we encourage slow living, we don't mean stop moving. That yoga class you take, or the run, or walking the dog, all of that is good for clearing your head and staying healthy.

* nourishment: we know this to be true - what goes into the body and onto the skin has a direct relationship to our health. Likewise your internal health (or not) is often reflected by glowing, healthy skin. Seek what nourishes you inside and out.

Seek beauty:

* in nature: research shows that looking at beautiful scenery actually helps bodies heal faster after injury and surgery. And being in the presence of rustling trees and waves slow our metabolism and heart rate in ways that meditation does. 
* in our homes: eliminate clutter and keep only what is treasured or useful, preferably both. And create pretty places for your eyes to rest: window sill, bedside table, mantle - objects of meaning to you.
(The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up is helpful; and I LOVE The Naturally Clean Home for recipes that help you rid your home of toxic cleaning agents and unnecessary synthetics)

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