Botanical Perfume | Indie + Natural Fragrance

Botanical Perfume | Indie + Natural Fragrance


Select from four fragrances constructed from the essences of fruits and flowers - sophisticated perfumes without the danger of synthetics:

  • Fleuriste: Traditional cologne with top notes of citrus and herbaceous finish

  • Kodama: Hints at secret woods with a touch of the sacred, with saffron and ginger root. The Kodama are protectors of the forest.

  • Le Fete**: A garden party with apricot and rose and crushed fir needles.

  • Bunny*: Lightly musk, at the cusp of innocence and experience, gentle floral powder (available June 2018)

  • Bougie Carnival: Sweet and tenacious, slightly naughty but a lot of fun, with pink grapefruit on the top and champaca flowers at the heart

Our perfumes are always free from synthetics and hand poured in small editions.

Botanical Perfumery is rooted in alchemy and ritual: borrowing the natural materials of aromatherapy, while sharing the goals of commercial perfumery - and aesthetically pleasing modern fragrance. Where the big companies rely on labs and advances in chemistry to synthesize ingredients, Indie Natural Perfumers harvest ours from nature.

**All are vegan except Le Fete which contains honey absolute

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