Meiuke Botanical Perfume

Meiuke Botanical Perfume


MEIUKE is a garden of the imagination and dreams...

The fragrance follows a day in the garden: misty sun up with fragrant clouds of plum blossoms, hints of peach & citrus, rich scents of flowers inhabit the rounder hours at the heart of the day as the sun warms the earth and finally the dry earth perfumed by fallen petals. 

LIMITED EDITION - only 100 bottles poured // generous 30 mL

Because we use only plant essences, the volitile fragrant material from plants displays terior. This means that the scented profile of a plant changes from harvest to harvest as the living plant gleans nutrients and processes air and water... to control for quality and continuity, we pour limited editions.


Tenacious, fruity floral with orange blossoms and champaca... 

Orders ship October 16, 2017. Domestic orders only: ground shipping via UPS

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