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Impermanence + Acceptance (some lessons from a henna experience)

Impermanence + Acceptance (some lessons from a henna experience)

It is not always easy for me to articulate my passion for the beauty and human connection that comes from henna. Henna is both mundane and sublime. And for some, henna is a healing experience. I am so grateful for the people, stories and experiences that have enriched my life because of one humble plant.

What a healing experience. I’m an extremely tactile person.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve found myself seeking any sensory feedback that feels good, just to get a break from the chronic aches. Not only is the feeling 0f the paste going on pleasant, but I’ve been in such pain lately that it felt especially soothing.

Caring for the henna was a practice in mindfulness, caring for my fresh hennas o that it would stain and stay beautiful for as long as possible.

And if you want a real Buddhist experience of impermanence and nonattachement, the creation of the art, watching it wear and face and eventually disappear - henna provides that.

My hands may be extra stiff and sore lately, but there’s something about seeing them look beautiful that helps with the acceptance of what is.

Shared with permission.

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