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Slow Down Sunday: 3 simple ingredients for luxurious lotion

Slow Down Sunday: 3 simple ingredients for luxurious lotion

In 1994 it wasn't as easy to find skincare made without lots of nasty chemicals and preservatives. Finding recipes at the time was a challenge and were translated with odd results.

My first ever lotion was a light cream with neroli essential oil To make a stable emulsion it takes a little science - or you can make very small amounts so it stays fresh: refrigeration is an option, too.

The easy way:
1 T organic sweet almond oil
1 T organic aloe vera gel

whip with a small whisk. add 10-15 drops of neroli, or a calming blend cardamom, lavendar, sandalwood // ylang ylang, patchouli, sweet orange // rosewood & geranium

A little science is a lot like magic:

To get a stable emulsion you will need to control the temperature of the aqueous material and the fats before combining. The aqueous (water soluble) temperature is 80 degrees and the fats, 70 degrees. Wait to add the essenial oils until close to the end (because they really aren't oils or water soluble).

Use very clean dishes and equal amounts of aloe vera gel & sweet almond oil. Heat/cool your components in separate bowls. Use a stick blender (immersion blender or a handheld). Try not to whip in too much air.

After blending about 2 minutes, when the texture and color looks creamy and white, cool quickly to about 55 degrees. At this time you can add your essentail oil blend or any specialty oils like a little tamanu, sea buckthorn oil, argan, etc. 

foot bath fizz

If you plan to mix up some lotion as gifts, this foot bath fizz is a good companion.

1 cup baking soda
1/2 cup lemon salt (citric acid)
1/2 cup epsom salts
3-4 T coconut oil, melted or any skin-loving oil: sweet almond, apricot kernal or hemp seed

Mix it all up in a non reactive bowl. Add 1/2  tsp of your favorite essential oil or oil blend.

Package in air tight containers and share liberally - - 

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You Can Make It Yourself

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